May 2006

my PC is completely Broken><!

oh, no way...

I thought,,, my lap-top PC was still alive and can move,,,, so i was planing to use this broken PC for a while 1 or 2 month more..... Because now I have to save my money for short vacation from the end of Jun^^. 

But But But just now....
my PC completely died.... it doesn`t move at all, and finally i cannot even start up the windows....

o.k. I`ll go to buy the new PC on frieday = my dayoff!!


My PC`s bbbbroken><!

broken PCohhhhhhhhhhhhh NO-------!!!!

can you see the picture?
my PC was broken, suddenly><!
it`s lap-top PC, and i tried to move the screen a bit....it didn`t work....
so i tried a bit harder,,, it moved but with some sounds like crack"Bakii!!"
ahhhhhhhhhhh,,, what`s that?!!!i looked the part closely, and but some parts didn`t move the right way...

Now... i cannot close my PC & cannot touch the screen anymore><!!!
but fortunattelly???? i can use the PC without any problem except it.

I`m so shocked...
I`m planning to buy new PC, but not NOW!!!
I don`t have enough money to spend for it, now...
it`s the right time to change to new PC????

and now..
I`m checking  Mac book  http://www.apple.com/jp/
YES, I wanna Mac next!!
o.k., let`s start to caluculate the cost.


Good weather & Good exercise

Osaka DomeIt`s beautiful sunny day, today!

and finally I could get my day off with sunshine^^.

I went out to the middle of Kyoto this morning to take some course, but it was canceled, so I went back to Osaka to see my friend.  We met near the "Osaka dome". I saw the Dome so close first time.  It`s weird shape...but it wasn`t very big surprise, hehehe.

But Dome is not our target, today. TODAY, I follwed my friend to try YOGA!!


do you know yoga? It`s getting popular in the world.  My friend wanna be a YOGA TEACHER, and I joined their practice for the test^^. You know, it was my first time to try YOGA.  In my mind, Yoga is like... some weird shape & meditation,,, but their Yoga is more casual one, and it`s like a Calisthenics.  the movement and the rhythm is different, but the it`s like a bace exercise for ballet, too. 

after Yoga, we walked to the Yodoyabashi station!! through Shinsaibashi in the evening.  it`s good temperature, good atomosphier, and good walk. 

I can sleep well, tonight. 

I hate myself...

Summer makes me happy. 

but I did stupid terrible thing today.

It`s about with "A".  A is , so called, a social withdrawal.    A doesn`t think that A is a social withdrawal by Aseflf, or A knows, but A think "I am like a social withdrawal, but I`m different with other, I have a reason, brabrabara....".

A doesn`t have any social connection, doesn`t work outside,  doesn`t go out for fun with friends, A is in front of computer or TV most of the time,,,

is it fun? A can kill the time by Aself. it`s comfortable time for A.
A doesn`t seem so crazy or weird person like who are reported on the TV. 

But sometimes, when I talk with A, I feel uncomfortable.  I like A, but sometime A irritates me. Sometimes or from somewhere, the conversation is going to be weird. hhh how can i say,,, not smooth.  A doesn`t have a lot of people to communicate, so A`s mind is so limited, it`s just A`s world????  I`m not a perfect, either at all.  I cannot say "I am NORMAL".  what is the Normal mean?!  My world is not a big, i think, but when you communicate or talk to somebody, we feel it`s comfortable, fun, or easy to talk or not.     If you feel positive way, you can make friends a lot, or if they feel your talking is nice, you`re gonna be popular, BUT if  you don`t like to speak with other, or the other doesn`t feel comfortable with you, you`re gonna be very hard to communicate with the world. 

Today I was irritated by her talking, and said like
"how come your talking is so annoying. I don`t wanna talk any more now. is it `coz you don`t have anyone who talk with you a lot?"


I`m bad. really. I said the word that I shouldn`t have.  How come I couldn`t say different way... it`s because the words not for A, it`s just for me to get out of the annoying conversation.   I did hurt A, sure. A`s face were mad, A`s lips were trembling...

may be A knows A`s problem, but A cannot do anything.  A may hope to get out of the situation, but A cannot.  A cannot try even, it`s because A feels scary to get out to the world? I`m scare, too.  the difference between A and me is not a big. i`m not a rich, i`m not a great person at all, I don`t have a very good communication skill with other.  but I allways have a hope. I`m allways trying to be better. I`m allways searching fun for LIFE.   I hope A becomes more positive.  ohhhh i hate to hurt others.  it also hurts me. 



GreenI`m shocked now!

now we`re are in Golden Week.  You know what is it?  There are 3 national holidays in this week, 3 wednesday, 4 thursday, and 5 friday. So most of the people have 5 days OFF! from 3 (wed) to 7 (sun), and lucky one has 9 days off from Apr. 29(Sat)!!

I`m shocked because I cannot have holiday???!!! NO, i don`t hve, but it`s not the reason. that`s o.k., i`m gonna make money!!!^^!!!

The reason I `m shocked, issssss!!
Today was so nice weather, even it`s hot like summer already. and it`s gonna be nice weather during Golden week.  BUT!!! tomorrow it`s gonna be RAIN!!!


Tomorrow is MY DAY OFF!! Dahhhhhhhhhhhhh-----------!!!!!
how come my precious day off is gonna be Rain!!!
i don`t need Long day off!!, but i need just ONE SUNNY day off!!

Poor me...o.k.,,,, i`ll enjoy rain...

wellwellwell, I`m usualy very tired everyday after work, and just go to sleep without update my blog,  but tonight I have to tell you one thing.  I feel so good very morning these days `coz of the weather.  The season changed from winter to spring. Gray to Pink, and now it`s changing from Pink to Green=Summer!.  On the way to station from house, I can see & smell beautiful Greens.  Sometimes I want to just stay in the middle of green and wanna escpe from work.

I hope you can enjoy the smell of the beginning of summer!!