GeishaJe suis allé voir un film, "GEISHA" finalement!!   Everybody says, "It`s not very interested, too long, cannnot understand well..." around me and my opinion is ...almost same with them.  I could concentrate for 3 hours! and didn`t feel it`s too long.  But you`d better to read the book original story which`s pretty good work.  If not, it`s hard to follow the story.  In fact, my friend couldn`t understand well.  I liked the part the beginning when Chiyo(Sayuri) was a kid and poor girl more than when she became Geisha with nice Kimono, but they cut the part a lot.

We watched the movie at the theater in Kyoto near Gion Hanamachi where is the main place in the movie!! wow! isn`t it?!  There`re real Geisha and Maiko(before geisha, young one) here.  I know about Geisha more than usual as a person who lives in kyoto, I can guess, I can feel, I can sense it, but it`s hard to explain to foreigner exactlly.  I don`t wanna say "prostitute".  It`s something different, it`s more cultural thing.  and also It must be changed the meaning Geisha from now and at that time.  When I try to explain, like in the movie, it`s not "wanna be a Geisha", it`s "have to be a Gaisha", you know what i mean?^^... It`s hard to understand what Geisha is from the movie, so they cannot understand the story and get confused. 

Many Japanese complained, "why they didn`t use Japanese actresses?"  I thought the same way first that the main actresses are actually Chinese(Hong Kongnese), they`re beautiful but different from japanese.  They cannot express Japansee beauty, the BeautyNess of Geisha, I thought...,

but,,,  In fact, the actresses were not a big problem, or even it`s hard to find better japanese actresses.  The movie was beautiful, but their costume, make-up, hair, buildings are something weird.  It`s like a japan, but also sometimes like a chinese, or other asian tasts.   We don`t wear the KIMONO in that way.  Every actresses are tall and thin, but you shouldn`t be thin for Kimono.  It looks like poor.  and shouldn`t be tall either for Geisha or Maiko.  You wear thick shoes, so it`s not cute anymore if you are tall.  It`s not a fault of actresses, they`re enough beautiful (by the way, I loved thoes actresses, Ziyi Zhang, Gong Li, Michelle Yeoh!) It`s the fault that they didn`t know how to wear! in the right way.  )and Dance,,, It`s not a japanese traditional dance "NIHON BUYOU", for example, it`s like a modern ballet  for classical ballet.  

But it`s enough.  I like it.  when you have a chance, or if you`re interested in Japan, go to see it!! but don`t misunderstand please^^.