Bills AJe regardais la télé, and they`re talking about something interesting.  Sometimes, it surprises me and fun.  The one of the story is about the MONEY(bill).  What`s the story?  At the store, super market, every stores with the register, they often put all bills in the same direction, when you put the money(bills) in the register.  You know what I mean?  you should put the bills like the picture A, shouldn`t put like pic B!  When you pass the change(bills) to customers, you also put them in the same direction.   Is it normal in the world?  It`s annoying for me, who cares???!!, but still acceptable.   But by the TV shows a lot of customers(people), 60% of japanese! also put the bills in the same direction in their wallet!!  ha?aaaaaaaaa??? Bills B They feel uncomfortable when it`s not in the same way.  Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaa-------?!  Can you feel the Japaneseness from the story? They cares a lot!  Do you think it`s weird or normal.  I can`t do like that, but most of the japanese cares thoes kinda things.   That`s why I can`t live here, I think.  

The other story is about School.  At some of the primary schools in Kyoto, they have very huge nice buildings(that`s o.k.),  their school uniform is by the popular fashion designer`s brand(still o.k.), thier luch(we often have school lunch, not personal "lunch box"by themselves) is from famous hotel`s restaurant, their school bag (we have school bag for primary school children, the picture is a traditional style: black is for boys, red is for girls) is special, too. school bagThe bag is not a typical style but by the popular bag brand.  AND!! There`re school ID card which with IC card system inside.  At the ticket gate of station, we have very "hi-tech" ticket machine.  Then the children pass the gate with the card, the e-mails to their parents`s  cell phone are gonna be sent automatically for SECURITY!! WOW!!!  It`s amazing, but.... I don`t think I like it... but it`s gonna be normal soon?