SpringHehehe  Je me sens bien aujourd'hui.  Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais je suis heureux.   

Every tuesday I`m off, but today was national holiday.  So everybody got day off, too.   I was supposed to go to Osaka to visit a company, but they`re also closed, so  I went to Kyoto to see my friend.  There`re tons of people & tourists on the street.  I couldn`t walk straight and fast, and it`s so annoying!!  but better than Osaka, i guess... ???

I wanted to withdraw my money from ATM, but I couldn`t!!! The ATM machine said "the pass number isn`t correct"!!! why??? I didn`t change it!!  I tried 3 times, and they locked my card!!!  Why?why?why? I called to the customer center.  I explained the story, and she said, "Your number changed automatically when you get the NEW card last time".... Oh,oh,oh------------------------,,, yeah,,, i remember... when i was in montreal, I got a new card,,, and they said that i got a new pass number...  BUT what is my new number??? i don`t remember!!!  I called to my house and asked my mon to find the letter from the bank, but she couldn`t find it...

I had to give up...to withdraw the money. I was supposed to give the money back to my friend, but I couldn`t... sorry my friend, wait for a bit more.  I couldn`t do any shopping either... !!!

I don`t know why, but I feel good and happy today... WHY?
it`s because the victory in World Baseball Classic? don`t thinks so. It was BIG surprise and fun! but I`m not a big fun of baseball^^.

So because of Spring? I smelled Spring today!! 

I have a sore throat now, too much drinkin? too much talking?

Je dois aller dormir.  Bonne nuit! &Ayez un bon rêve!(is it correct french? hahaha never mind. you can understand, righ?!)