GreenI`m shocked now!

now we`re are in Golden Week.  You know what is it?  There are 3 national holidays in this week, 3 wednesday, 4 thursday, and 5 friday. So most of the people have 5 days OFF! from 3 (wed) to 7 (sun), and lucky one has 9 days off from Apr. 29(Sat)!!

I`m shocked because I cannot have holiday???!!! NO, i don`t hve, but it`s not the reason. that`s o.k., i`m gonna make money!!!^^!!!

The reason I `m shocked, issssss!!
Today was so nice weather, even it`s hot like summer already. and it`s gonna be nice weather during Golden week.  BUT!!! tomorrow it`s gonna be RAIN!!!


Tomorrow is MY DAY OFF!! Dahhhhhhhhhhhhh-----------!!!!!
how come my precious day off is gonna be Rain!!!
i don`t need Long day off!!, but i need just ONE SUNNY day off!!

Poor me...o.k.,,,, i`ll enjoy rain...

wellwellwell, I`m usualy very tired everyday after work, and just go to sleep without update my blog,  but tonight I have to tell you one thing.  I feel so good very morning these days `coz of the weather.  The season changed from winter to spring. Gray to Pink, and now it`s changing from Pink to Green=Summer!.  On the way to station from house, I can see & smell beautiful Greens.  Sometimes I want to just stay in the middle of green and wanna escpe from work.

I hope you can enjoy the smell of the beginning of summer!!