Osaka DomeIt`s beautiful sunny day, today!

and finally I could get my day off with sunshine^^.

I went out to the middle of Kyoto this morning to take some course, but it was canceled, so I went back to Osaka to see my friend.  We met near the "Osaka dome". I saw the Dome so close first time.  It`s weird shape...but it wasn`t very big surprise, hehehe.

But Dome is not our target, today. TODAY, I follwed my friend to try YOGA!!


do you know yoga? It`s getting popular in the world.  My friend wanna be a YOGA TEACHER, and I joined their practice for the test^^. You know, it was my first time to try YOGA.  In my mind, Yoga is like... some weird shape & meditation,,, but their Yoga is more casual one, and it`s like a Calisthenics.  the movement and the rhythm is different, but the it`s like a bace exercise for ballet, too. 

after Yoga, we walked to the Yodoyabashi station!! through Shinsaibashi in the evening.  it`s good temperature, good atomosphier, and good walk. 

I can sleep well, tonight.